Alessandro Nermetti

I was born in June 1988 in San Giorgio a Cremano and raised in Portici. Two Vesuvian towns of the province of Naples. My photographic work has begun towards the end of high school. In 2008, between scientific and classical studies, and extracurricular activities, often absent, which unfortunately flattened my peers, distinguished in me a strong need to structure my artistic expression and define my role as creative. I was looking for an art form which combines my great technical knowledge, such as physics, mathematics and technical drawing, with my passion for the humanities and philosophy. What could be better for photography? During the winter of that year, I found several guides to photography, stored in a cartoon from my father. I asked him to explain to me, and he, in response, gave me his Minolta XG-1. Between me and the machines unknown, it was love at first sight. Since then, I have tried to live close to all the basic technical concepts: the optics, the behavior of light toward the subject; but more importantly, I started to have a tool with which I could express myself fully and to communicate through images. In 2010 comes the first award in photography: I won first prize in the "Miglio d'oro Film Festival" for the category "Occhio al cinema", an event sponsored by the City of Portici and produced in collaboration with the 'Department of social Policies. Photography is for me a huge book of encryption. Able to reveal the codes of life and overcome cultural barriers.